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Best of Inner Sanctum (5/5)


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In my last email, I gave you the 3 most potent Networking Secrets I’ve shared with my mentees at Inner Sanctum.

In this email, I want to share more about what I’ve learned from Stuart in my monthly EMPIRE mastermind.

And the call is mind-blowing… 

Because Stuart is like a Sushi-Master who has refined his craft of NLP, Mindset and Coaching for the last 3 decades.

It’s almost like meeting the “Business” version of Jiro (if you know Jiro Sushi)…

What I didn’t expect was that Stuart is so generous to deliver an omakase of the mind… 

One that I truly enjoy dining and I had to keep going back to him for more…

So without further ado… let’s go through the 3 biggest insights I learned from Stuart.

1.Gift of Clarity

One major takeaway Stuart got from his 3 decades of working with entrepreneurs and executives from top corporations is this…

The Human Condition

To put it simply, whenever we are hit with adversity – we tend to spiral and lose clarity of what is really important to us.

Because most people tend to AMPLIFY a singular toxic experience they’ve had.

And they use that experience to justify themselves in a low-energy or low-emotional state.

They do this as they cannot see the major context they’re in (or what life is trying to teach them).

Hence they get trapped in the samsara of self-sabotaging or destructive habits like alcohol, drugs, gambling or procrastination. 

The good news is that… if you’re willing to change your perspective to see the context – you’ve a major opportunity to turn things around.

More often than not, transformation takes place in the darkest valley.

When you’re clear of what’s holding you back, only then you can move forward.

2. Coming Full Circle

I had a flourishing career as a corporate consultant and brand marketer which led me to believe that I was a born winner in business.

Oh boy, how wrong I was…

Entrepreneurship was absolute hell for me.

I got screwed by my partner who treated our joint account as his piggy bank.

I built an agency which eventually “check-mated” me… because the more I tried to grow it, the poorer I became. 

I also got my fair share of clients who not only didn’t value my work but also tried to squeeze every penny out of me.

Just when I thought that I was infallible, God arranged a series of tests to humble me…

So that I can grow and make an ever bigger impact…

From my perspective, coming full circle is not only the acknowledgement of these life tests but also overcoming these challenges.

Just like Kintsugi — a Japanese art where you put together broken pieces of pottery back together with Golden Lacquer.

3. The S.E.E.D.B.I.T.E Model

Let’s dive into Stuart’s “S.E.E.D B.IT.E” model:

Step #1 Draw S.E.E.D in the inner circle of the two concentric circles and ask:

S – Sensations: What are the sensations happening in my body?

If I locate a certain discomfort, I’ll hold the space to address it.

E – Emotion: What emotion is it?

E – Energy: What level of energy is it? Positive or negative?

D – Decision: What kind of decision will I make (if I continue with this positive or negative emotion)?

By exploring what’s happening inside of you, you can tell whether this is a good or terrible thing to start your day.

If it’s a negative one, how do you shift it?

Step #2 Draw B.I.T.E. on the outer circle and ask:

B – Belief: What belief must I have for my day to go well, my copy to go well, and my goal to be accomplished?

I – Identity: Who should I be today? What version of myself should I invoke?

T – Thought: What predominant thoughts should I carry to support my day, my goal, etc.

E – Experience: What experiences have I had that show me that I already have the beliefs, identity, and thoughts at my disposal?

In summary,

Clarity happens when you’re complete when you come in full circle experiences.

But most people don’t have clarity because they spend so much energy and time crafting negativity in their minds.

The truth is you have the most beautiful resources, intricate, and valuable gemstones to craft a wonderful tapestry you can thoroughly enjoy every single day!

And the big question is:

Are you managing your own states and crafting the vision of where you want to go constructively?

If you aren’t – I already have given you the how.

That’s all – these are the 3 biggest learning points I got from Stuart.

I hope you like this 5-part email series where I share about my best learnings from Inner Sanctum.

That’s the beauty of my Private Mastermind – I’m humbled by how amazing my guests are and I’m incredibly grateful to be able to learn from them.

If you value golden insights like these, then REPLY to this email with INNER SANCTUM to get the Google Doc.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu 


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