January 16

More Clients in Less Time


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Check out Josh’s Latest Masterclass on his Micro-Megaphone Method here. 

My friend Josh Turner has invented a new-form of slick-and-seamless high-ticket closing. 

This works incredibly well if you’d like to turn more leads into high-ticket clients consistently. 

It works on the basis of:


Because the era of the cookie-cutter is over.

In the past, you might have learned from some guru to use a general script for your lead outreach or sales closing.

Today when you do something like that, you’d notice that it bombs terribly. 

If you’re running ads like that, it’s almost like setting fire to your money or scattering your ad budget out to sea.

Cookie-Cutter Marketing doesn’t work anymore due to:

The lack of Authentic and Genuine connection.

Because of this, you can’t win people’s trust and they would hesitate to buy from you.

Now, you might be asking:

What’s the Alternative then?

The answer is:

Personalized Marketing.

Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to customization is that it sounds like a lot of work… 

Because if you’re a busy business owner – you wouldn’t have time to have meaningful conversations with every prospect. 

The good news is my friend, Josh Turner has a proven solution to this problem. 

He will show you how to implement Personalized Marketing at scale to get more great high-ticket clients in a way that’s time-efficient.

In fact, Josh’s solution is almost entirely automated, so you can implement it in as little as one hour per month.

To show you how this all works, Josh is hosting a live masterclass on January 16, 17, and 18. (Choose the session day that works best for your schedule.)

And you can save your spot for Josh’s masterclass by clicking here now. 

This is the same system Josh used to go from zero to scaling multiple businesses to 7 figures.

And now he’s going to show you how to use it in YOUR business, too. So you can generate more high-paying clients, month after month. 

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu 


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