December 9

Embracing Discomfort



One of the biggest learning lessons I had this year is this:

Overcoming my Limits

As I went through all the lockdowns in the last two years, in 2022 – I decided to
do something different. This year, I traveled for close to 4 months to the US, Cayman Islands, and Bangkok.

Honestly, it was insanely fun at first because I got to meet all my virtual friends in
person and do cool stuff like beachside BBQs and cocktail parties…

But it got incredibly uncomfortable towards the end of my trip (because I haven’t
been away from home for so long).

However, when I did that – I got a massive ROI from facing that discomfort.

This is the year I’ve met more 9-figure entrepreneurs than ever – networking with
people like Raoul Pal, Anik Singal and Chris Evans.

Heck, I could have stayed at home and connected with them anyway. But when I
did something different and committed to traveling around the world for four
months, I built a stronger relationship with them in person.

The lesson I got out of this learning is this:If it fills me with fear, do it.

There is a well-known saying that whatever you want is on the other side of

Of course, I’m not telling you to do reckless things like swimming with the sharks
or bungee jumping.

While you embrace your discomfort and fears, remember to practice the
No-Fail-Zone principle – this is your safety net if things go wrong.

This way, you can de-risk your downside while taking on more risk. 🙂

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To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny
Kenneth Yu


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