November 18

How to create a profitable course fast 💰


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My friend, Abe Crystal, is sharing his Course Creation blueprint. Click here to Watch the Replay

What if I tell you that it’s possible to create a profitable course in a day?

That’s exactly what my friends Abe Crystal and Danny Iny help entrepreneurs do. 

And they make sure the courses fit your business model too. 

When I first heard about this method at the round-table, I was mind-blown…

Because these guys specialize in Course Monetization (helping business owners maximize their revenue from courses). 

That’s something most coaches don’t talk about.

As Abe and Danny run Ruzuku, an online platform serving hundreds of thousands of course creators, they have the insane luxury of seeing big data – What sells and what doesn’t.

But that’s not all.

They have condensed these precious data into actionable insights. 

Abe will be sharing about it in this FREE training:

The Fail-Proof Method for Launching Your Online Course… In Less Than a Day

In his free, concise report, he’ll share with you:

  • How to build a complete course in less than a day. 
  • How coaches and consultants can use courses to get a steady stream of clients — and end the feast-or-famine cycle of client work…
  • How to make a bigger impact, save money, and save time using the Starbucks Scone Principle.
  • The top 3 obstacles to creating online courses, and how to overcome them to make rapid progress. 
  • The FOUR hidden ways you can monetize your online courses (Most people use just ONE of these methods and miss out on lots of revenue.)…

So if you want to make more money with online courses… 

Click here to watch the REPLAY now, while it’s still available

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,

Kenneth Yu


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