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Is Copywriting an Art or a Science?



Is copywriting an art or a science?

I personally think it’s a mix of both.

I taught Holy Grail Copywriting in a step-by-step system as if it were a science. (After all, following a sequence of steps is the fastest way for someone to get good).

And it works brilliantly – my students are getting results and things are going fine.

But what I’ve noticed is that the best copywriters – like my pals, Chris Haddad, David Deutsch, and Parris Lampropoulos, all of them treat Copywriting as a form of art.

They see each sales copy as their blockbuster masterpiece.

WHY Is That So?

Part of the answer is that most A-List Copywriters study good old copywriting classics.

When you study classics, you learn directly from timeless legends.

I’ve been a Clayton Makepeace, David Ogilvy, and Eugene Schwartz student.

If you’d like an effective and efficient method to learn from the best traditional direct response marketers, then I’d like to introduce you to Matt Bockenstette – the copywriter behind Copy Legends.

If you don’t know Matt yet, he’s one of the world’s most well-studied copywriters of the old-school Masters, which is why I invite – and encourage – you to check this out…

Here’s what you should know:

Right now, he’s giving away an irresistible free offer that you need to see if you use copy to sell your products or services (you do), which includes:

The “Legendary Ads Vault: 101 Greatest Ads” collection, containing the most famous, highest-converting sales copy masterpieces of all time…
The “Profit-Swiping 101 Guide,” containing the proven four-step process for innovating upon these 101 ads to assemble your own high-converting sales copy…
And after you access those gifts…

On the following page, you’ll have the rare opportunity to complete your master “swipe file” with complete, organized collections of the top 22 copywriters to study in 2023…

I won’t spoil the surprise here, but…

…while you’ve likely heard of some of these ink-slingers, I guarantee you haven’t heard of (or studied) most of ‘em…

And that’s EXACTLY why…

These are the top 22 copywriters you must study going into 2023.

Now, here’s how to know if this is for you:

If you’ve mastered the science of copywriting but yet to learn about the art component…
If you can see the value in studying (& swiping) diverse copywriting styles…
If you can see the power in having a complete collection of the “greatest hits” from 22 of the world’s best copywriters…
If you’re truly passionate about copywriting and want to become an A-List Copywriter.
…then this is for you.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu



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