Write Your Own Damn Cheque!

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As a subscriber to all things WYODC, you’ll probably know I have the highest regard for Rich Schefren — one of the pioneers of this space and a close friend as well. 

Got to spend time with him at a Miami pool recently… And it went was well as you can imagine. 

So when Rich wanted to tell the world about his latest project, I eagerly offered to do a Livestream with him. 

Click here to get on the call. 

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,

Kenneth Yu

P.S. This is probably the first time I’m hosting a LiveStream on my platform with an outsider guest to the entire platform.

That’s because Rich’s stuff genuinely moves the needle. And whatever he shares is going to be impact your business in 2023 like no other. 

Register here.   

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