November 12

Sweeten the Pot 🍯


Hi ,
Hey, I just launched my latest Networking program. You can check it over here.
I want to share a lesson I learned from my good friend Perry Belcher at the Mimosa Mastermind Event.
Perry revealed a shocking secret to us at that round table that day.
He told us that he NEVER EVER downsells.
Because it depreciates the perceived value of that product whenever you downsell. 
Instead, Perry advocates “Sweetening the Pot,” where you can throw bonuses to make the overall deal more attractive and exciting.
For example, if you’re a copywriter and your client finds your proposal too expensive. 
You can add some bonuses to the deal to make it sweeter. 
Writing a couple of extra Facebook ads/emails for them to test in addition to the original package.
Helping them with copy-critique or copy-tweaking for their web pages.
Suppose you’re competent with coaching or consulting, and your client is having issues with their marketing funnel. In that case, you can throw in a complimentary implementation call to help them.
You can throw them in to make the deal even better if you have digital products. 
If you’re a coach, consultant or trainer, one good way to “Sweeten the Pot” is to bundle your deal with existing products – relevant to your target market’s pain points.
For example, suppose you’re a fitness coach, and you’re offering a high-ticket fitness program. One way to sweeten the deal would be to provide an Online Masterclass on how to eat clean without hassle. 
The basic idea is this:
Do Not Make Your Offer CHEAPER But SWEETER
The good news is that if you have a strong network, it makes it FAR EASIER to sell more of your products or services. 
Simply because the better you are at Networking:
The easier it is to find affiliates and joint-venture partners.
The more others will trust your brand which helps massively with conversions.
The more ideas you’ll get which helps you build your incredible Franken-Mind.
If you’re wondering how to up your Networking Game, then I just launched my latest Networking Product:Shamelessly Awesome
Check it out and make yourself Shamelessly Sweet! 
To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,
Kenneth Yu


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