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Hey, I just launched my latest Networking program. You can check it here.

A few days ago, I met Raoul Pal of Real Vision (One of the biggest producers of financial and crypto content). 

And I had a meal together with some of the RV crew, talking about the crazy state of affairs in crypto.

It was incredibly fun, and I learned a lot.

But what I guess is the most rewarding thing is that…

I made NEW CONTACTS in a separate space.

Now, I often talk about how I meet thought leaders in the IM/Direct Response industry, and I get a ample opportunities that way.

What I don’t talk about is:

The Art of Weak-Tie Networking.

I learned the idea of Weak Tie Networking through an old seminar I bought from a friend and mentor Marshall Thurber many years ago. 

The idea is this:

Diversity Trumps Similarity

You can create the most value when you connect with different groups rather than among the same groups. 

As a consultant and entrepreneur, I’ve gotten the most value out of friendships with mavericks from other industries – Education, Finance, Tech, Real Estate, Legal… you name it.

That’s one of the hacks to building an incredible Franken-Mind.

I learned a ton about education and teaching from my friend Opher Brayer.

In technology and networking, I have a dear friend, Rajesh Setty, who is insanely generous with his knowledge.

And finally, in the domains of crypto and finance, I go to my friends Raoul Pal and Cayman Island buddies. 

In complex times like these, you must have diversity in your network so that whenever you encounter a problem, you have a diversity of solutions.

Well, that’s the power of the Weak-Tie.

If your network is singular (in other words, if you only connect with people in your industry), you will not have the broader view you need to make better decisions.

I talk about the Weak-Tie more in-depth in my latest Networking Product, Shamelessly Awesome Networking. 

You can check it out in the Google doc over here. 

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,

Kenneth Yu

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