November 14

What FTX can teach you about Networking



Hey, I just launched my latest Networking program. You can check it over here.

If you’re invested in crypto, you might have heard about Sam Bankman Fried and FTX.

(Anyway, if you’re not… just read on. You will learn a networking strategy that accelerated SBF’s ascent.) 

In summary, the crypto world just suffered the equivalent of a Lehman Brothers crisis.

FTX and its subsidiary Alameda Research led by 30-year-old MIT graduate Sam Bankman Fried blew up.

They had a shortfall of $8-10 billion dollars last week.

Subsequently, FTX collapsed, and the founder filed for bankruptcy.

While I don’t agree with the entire fiasco and Sam’s behaviour, I think there’s a fascinating lesson here of how Sam rose to power.

Like it or not, Sam was a savvy networker and happened to have all the connections he needed to thrive.

His dad Joseph Bankman is a lawyer and Professor of Law at Stanford University.

His mom is the co-founder of a political fund-raising organization for the Democrats.

His aunt has affiliations with the WEF Council for Aging. 

The current SEC Chairman, Gary Gensler, used to work under Glenn Ellison (the father of Sam’s girlfriend, Caroline Ellison). 

We can learn a lot from how Sam aligns his connections and networks to achieve his agenda, thus rising so quickly to power. 

It’s living proof of how strategic networking opens doors so you can accelerate progress.

Here’s the application. 

Strategic Networking answers a 2-part question:

  1. What is the biggest challenge or obstacle to my business?
  2. Who is the closest person in my network who can assist with that problem?

If you’d like to learn more about Strategic Networking, I’ll share more about it in my latest Networking Product, Shamelessly Awesome Networking. 

You can check it out in the Google doc over here. 

Oh yes, this offer won’t be up forever… I’m raising the prices by USD500 on 11.59 pm EST, 14 November (MON).

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,

Kenneth Yu


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