July 25

WYODC Confidential #25: Mass vs Niche Offers


Hey , 

For this week’s issue of WYODC Confidential, I’ve decided to feature Michael Strahan. 

In fact, I want to commend him for putting in the work and launching his offer.

To give y’all a quick idea of what Michael does…

Michael is the creator of the “Lucid Drawing” Method.

He has a gift of teaching teens how to draw from scratch without any talent or experience.

As long as they have a keen interest in drawing…

Michael would be able to help them.

Earlier, I was helping Michael with his copy in the HGC student support group. 

It was an interesting offer to work on since it wasn’t in one of the Big Three Niches (Health, Wealth, Relationships). 

As a Copywriter myself, I tend to be in the Big Three Niches a lot… and it was a good practice to think of how to position a Drawing Course to a niche market.

This is a much bigger challenge because generally, it’s much easier to create an UFO (Unique Fantasy Object) when the offer performs really well in the DUG checklist.

Just a recap, the DUG checklist assesses the Desperation, Urgency and Gravity of the problems your target market has.

Desperation – How desperate your prospects are when it comes to solving the problem they have? 

  • Is it a Moaning Pain (where people grumble and do nothing)?
  • Or is it a Moving Pain (The kind of pain where you break a bone or you get a deep cut which gets you going to the doctor)? 

Urgency – How urgent is the problem your prospects are facing?

E.g. If you have cancer… it’s URGENT. You don’t wait around for other solutions. 

You pay whatever amount you can to get treatment.

You don’t bargain with the oncologists. 

This is different from a headache or a flu where most people don’t find it an urgent issue to solve.

Gravity – What happens if the prospects do not solve that problem? How serious is the problem your prospects are trying to solve? 

Gravity is about impact and consequences. 

Higher gravity problems tend to create serious repercussions if they are not solved. ​​​​​​

The higher your products score on the DUG checklist… the easier it will be to promote and the higher you can charge your clients.

If you’re selling a product which doesn’t typically rank high on the DUG checklist.

Here’s what you can do:

Niche your market DOWN even deeper.

For Michael, this means niching down to people who are interested in drawing but don’t know how to draw.

If you’re launching a low-DUG score product out of the Big 3 niches, like a gardening course or a course on MineCraft. 

It makes more sense to find those who are wildly interested in the subject. 

Because low-DUG score products are often ignored by the mass markets. 

Not everyone likes drawing, gardening or Minecraft.

On the Contrary, mass-market offers appeals more to the primal desires of humans.

  • How do I make more $$$?
  • How do I look and feel better?
  • How do I date more beautiful women?
  • How do I get more respect and admiration from the people around me?
  • How do I take care of my family and become a better provider?

Now, you’ll notice that low-DUG score offers don’t really fulfil these cravings. And that is why if you’re looking to launch products like these… it’s good to bear this #1 rule in mind.  If you’re selling low-DUG products, the RICHES are in the NICHES. Find out whoever is interested in the subject matter you’re teaching or coaching – gardening, drawing or even fishing… and then offer them the product.
Don’t make the mistake of selling low-DUG products like mass-market offers.  Hope you got plenty of value out of this. Finally, I just want to give a shoutout to Michael who has invested time and effort to get his offer and sales page up.


Meanwhile, I want to encourage more people who are reading this…

There’s some exciting news in store. So watch this space. Will also be dropping a few marketing hacks and tricks in the next few days as well. 




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