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WYODC Weekly #64: How to Change the World (Pt. 2)


Hey ,

Last week, I shared briefly about the concept of Nation Transformation.

To give you an in-depth view… 

  • What exactly is Nation Transformation?
  • What exactly is The 3% Rule shared by Malcom Gladwell.
  • What exactly are the 7 Mountains of Influence?
  • How can corporations and entrepreneurs both play their part in impacting nations?

I’ll share more about how you can apply these Nation Transformation tips to yourself.

Here are some TIPS on Nation Transformation you can implement for yourself:1. Follows Basic Business Principles

Among them are networking, funding, resources, and team building. 

You have to develop these skills if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. 

Mastering the basics is crucial if you want long-term success. 2. Measure ROIand success

Be sure to measure the ROI in your business so that you know where your business is going.

As entrepreneurs or marketers, you have the skill sets of persuasion… sustainability… business models… cash flow management – where you’re actually uniquely equipped to succeed in Nation Transformation.

And when it comes to Nation Transformation for entrepreneurs. you need these 3 key things i.e…

A. Product

A product that can both enrich you and the country. 

You need to have a product that enriches millions.

For example, Unilever has soap to enrich people’s lives because it solved the problem of high death rate due to poor hygiene. 

B.  People

You need people to support your cause as you can’t do it on your own. 

The key here is when you have a vision that’s bigger than yourself and you’re able to communicate that vision, people will follow you — because most people don’t have as big a vision and they want to live vicariously through you.

You can’t make an impact as a solopreneur. 

If you want to transform nations and make an impact, you have to attract and influence talented people to assist you in your vision.

C. Payment

For payment, you have to do a resource allocation where you consider how much you need to invest vs how much you’re able to make from the business to cover your cost. 

If you neglect this, you might find yourself running a business that is not profitable and you will be losing money every month. 

Finally, I’d like to wrap up with the 4 crucial steps in Nation Transformation.

Four Steps in Nation Transformation

Step #1: Identify your 3% Market Share in which mountain

Which of the 7 mountains do you want to conquer to take the 3% market share? 

Is it Business? Education? Media? 

Step #2: Speak the language of transformation

There are jargons in every industry. 

To make an impact in an industry, you have to learn about their respective jargons to build your connections.

In business, you need to learn words like KPIs, CPAs, conversion rate, etc. 

The same goes for Nation Transformation.

Know the terminology, ideas, and everyday jargon of transformation.

For example, like geopolitics, economics.

You need to know a little bit of the jargon of digital transformation because Nation Transformation also involves other different aspects beyond business. 

Step #3: Identify your strengths

What are your strengths and unique passions?

What do you want to do? 

Find the intersection between your strengths, passions and demand-in-the-market.

This will help you identify what type of problem you would like to solve.

Do you want to eradicate human trafficking, slavery… or do you want more pets to be treated kindly. 

Step #4: Start from where the reality is 

Most people who want to create national impact base their strategy on a utopian reality.

This means they tend to be overly idealistic and they often consider the best-case-scenario rather than what is actually practical and on-the-ground.

Instead, as entrepreneurs we should look at people from the lenses of what they will be rather than what they should be. 

As business people and marketers, 

We know people and organizations will not magically change overnight. 

So, you need to plan based on the current reality and be grounded while doing so.

Be brave and take the steps to make a difference. 

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

If you’re interested to know what Kenneth and Laura are doing in the space of

Nation Transformation?

Their vision is to transform the nation of Zimbabwe. 

It’s because Zimbabwe is a rich and rare country.

It’s a HR goldmine that has a 91% education rate and most people speak English. 

It’s mineral-rich with gold, platinum, and chrome wrappers. 

But, the biggest issue in Zimbabwe is soft power and has very negative connotations to the world because of the corrupted dictator Robert Mugabe. 


They want to alter perception via a voluntary national branding exercise of Zimbabwe… i.e. from corruption to HR Goldmine. 

As marketers, they’ll market and brand Zimbabwe as land of milk and honey… and then monetize the trust and attention by brokering deals within the country. 

That’s the core of it. 

So it starts by transforming perception. 

Taking that favorite perception channeling into the deals.

That being said, Nation Transformation can be complex.

But they both have the education, social, and property components– which focus on their strengths like branding, marketing, video production.

If they get a % of the profit, it will be a huge windfall.

More importantly, their work will transform Zimbabwe because they single-handedly rebuilt Zimbabwe’s credibility and reputation.

This will help millions of Zimbabweans with their situation of unemployment.

To summarize, 

Think how you can infiltrate 3% of one of the 7 mountains and how you can influence the impact from that. 

There’s a lot to digest here.

I hope this is helpful to you and inspires you that you as an individual or corporate can make a significant difference — for the nation and its generations to come.

Once again, if you’d like to watch the video straight, you can catch Kenneth’s latest sharing on Nation Transformation here.




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