January 17

Exit the Cashflow Rollercoaster 🎢



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One of the most difficult parts of running WYODC is to try to plan for the year.

Sometimes, my revenue comes in inconsistently – high in some months and low in others.

Some launches would do unexpectedly well and some would sometimes surprisingly flop.

There’s a way I use to handle this variance.

I use a trick called The Baseline Income.

Case in Point:

I remember when I was down with the ‘Rona Virus’ in the Q1 of last year – my business.

I was down bad.

I couldn’t really work because my head was clogged with brain fog and my body was messed up.

After all, it’s probably not a good idea to run a launch with a throbbing headache and I’m not in the clearest of mind.

Fortunately, thanks to The Baseline Income concept, I was still able to close some leads that month. 

This is all made possible thanks to having a steady flow of leads in my business.

With a constant pipeline of incoming lead flow, you can:

  • Get more high-paying clients regularly.
  • Afford to be more picky with who you work with.
  • Make your revenue more consistent and predictable.
  • Ensure that you have a baseline income every month – no matter good or bad. 

Here’s the good news I have for you:

My friend, Josh Turner has a proven system that will allow you to get a predictable flow of high-quality leads… while automating over 90% of the work.

It’s called the Micro Megaphone Method, and Josh is hosting a live workshop to show you how to implement it in YOUR business TODAY and tomorrow (January 17 and 18). You can choose the session day that works best for you.

Go here now to save your spot for Josh’s masterclass. 

This is the same system Josh used to go from zero to scaling multiple 7-figure companies.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu 


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