April 7

WYODC WEEKLY #49: Adapt or Die



Zachary here… 

A month ago… the folks in Inner Sanctum had a private session with the X-Factor Extraordinary, Melvin Soh.

If you haven’t heard of Melvin, Mel has made himself and his private clients over $28M in total revenue.

He lives and breathes the Chimera principle… imbuing coaching, marketing and jedi-like understanding of psychology.

He’s almost like a mentalist who is able to predict future trends even before they hit…  that’s how he helps his private clients thrive within the chaos.

Today, I’m just gonna let you in on a sneak peek of the notes we’ve gathered.

On the condition that you:

  1. Apply whatever you learn.
  2. You don’t share it around. Whatever stays in WYODC community stays within WYODC community. That’s the rule. 

Ok, let’s go…

Here’s one of the breath-taking revelations Mel shared in the call…


I’ve summarized three learning points from adaptability:1.The post Covid world will be a good mix of physical and virtual. Mel calls this a hybrid world.

When Covid happened, all live events were dead.

Businesses either have to pivot 100% digital or dead.

During post Covid with more relaxed rules on movement controls, 

Rather than going 100% physical or 100% virtual… people want to have the choice to participate physically or virtually.

If you’re a coach or a consultant, you can apply this by thinking of how you can provide physical & digital services for your clients. 2. Niche communities will do well because people with common interests, values and goals will stay together.  

During Covid, people felt isolated and they began to bond with people with the same niche interest online.

With post-Covid, this trend continues with the rising trend of web 3.0 (Metaverse and NFTs).

If you’re a business owner, you should start thinking of how you can groom a small community. 3. In life, people change all the time. The rules of the game are always changing

Mel feels that 2022 will be a redefining year.

The rules will be rewritten once again… because of the gradual reopening and loosening measures of the governments.

This will affect people’s behavior and whatever used to work well during Covid might/might not work as well in the future.

If you own an existing business, the challenge is to understand the changes so you can stay ahead of the crowd. 

In short, 

Arising from Covid, the world has accepted a new paradigm and reshaped new identities.

Hope this gives you a fresh perspective and insights into the post Covid era. 

For those who wanna check Melvin out, click HERE (insert link https://www.xfactormethod.com)

That’s all from me this week. 




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